Monday, 18 July 2011

Rebol plugin

Hello rebels,
the rebol plugin works on windows with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. You can download from
unzip the files and copy them in browser plugins directory, (for example, C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/plugins/) and restart the browser.
You can try with if works with this page:
How to write a web page for Rebol plugin?
Very easy, just use the embed tag like this:

<embed  type="application/x-rebol-plugin-v1" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="40" BORDER="1" LaunchURL="" ></embed>

Now you can put your application in your web pages!
Remember to use a window dimension enough large to display your application (width and height fields)

Here more examples:

One liner of the week

view center-face layout [image [unview]]

It will appear rebol logo, and if you click on the logo, the window will close.

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