Monday, 18 July 2011

More people, more fun

Hello rebels,
in 2010 our facebook group reached 200 and more members, our goal for 2011 is 300 members! We are big, but we want to be more people interested on Rebol, so suggest your friends our group.
GLASS has been release, just type in rebol console:


I just uploaded the images of Merchant Village software made by Nick Antonaccio, he produced a Rebol commercial software that runs in:

One liner of the week:

Leapyear?: function[Date[date!]][Year][Year: Date/year any[all[0 = remainder Year 4 0 <> remainder Year 100]0 = remainder Year 400]]

'Leapyear? returns 'true for date values that are leapyears. For example:

leapyear? 1/1/2008

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