Monday, 18 July 2011

Happy New Year!

The REBOL webserver Cheyenne has reached the 0.9.20 version:
Some cool Cheyenne "Powered by" banners have also been made. Please feel to grab them from: and put them on your Cheyenne powered web site! As Carl did it .

Carl built a R3 release for Amiga (A109) for AmiWest. You can read more news on all the Amiga's webzines, and here is the article on Carl's blog:

There is the Facebook “Rebol Week” page (I take some news from it), if you want to join, this is the link:

One liner of the week:

view center-face layout [image logo.gif [unview]]

It opens a window centered on screen, displays the logo, and closes the window when you click on the logo.

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