Monday, 18 July 2011


Hello world,
let see this week some Rebol libraries sites:

  • RebGUI: Lightweight and fantastic alternative to VID that was designed and built from the ground-up on top of REBOL/View.
  • RebDB: Small but highly efficient Pseudo-Relational Database.
  • SQLite Driver: Uses the library access features of REBOL/Pro to provide native REBOL access to SQLite databases.
  • iPhone Development Resources: Details the two iPhone development approaches: Web (using Dashcode & Webkit) and Native (using Xcode and the SDK), plus various useful links.

  • DRIVERS: MySQL, PostgresQL, LDAP
  • LIBRARIES: Async Call , NTLM , Captcha, NT Services, Scheduler
  • FRAMEWORKS: UniServe
  • MISC: ReBOX! game
  • PRODUCTS: Cheyenne   a lot of useful functions!

One-liner of the week:


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