Monday, 18 July 2011

Merry Christmas

Graham released a small VID app to send SMS using Googlevoice in August. Get it while the site is still up:

Do you want to download all most important programs for Rebol, try this script:

Softinnov has released a first version of his LDAP protocol. This protocol was long-awaited in the professional world. Thank a lot to the french company Softinnov (also author of Cheyenne webserver, MySQL and PostgresQL driver).
Try it with your LDAP.

One liner of the week:

view l: layout [image red "bye" font-size 50 rate 9 feel [engage: func[f a e][if a = 'time[f/text: "" f/image: to-image l show f]]]]

It’s a red box with "bye" written on it disappears into the distance.

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