Monday, 18 July 2011

REBOL Community wake up!

Community is important for a language. The REBOL community is small but must show it's power : small but robust. So Wake Up Reboler!
Help is required for :

  • marketing solutions to promote REBOL
  • R3 implementation of professional database access like Oracle, Sybase,
  • cleaning web sites with dead link : it is important to show good sites, even if there is few sites, than a index with a lot of websites with dead links.
  • professional testimonies
  • worldwide section with local support

Syllable uses Rebol, take a look at:

You can try Rebol without downloading it, just go to:

One liner of the week:

do a: {view layout[field 500 rejoin["REBOL[] do a: {" a "}"]]}

It’s a simple quine: a program that show itself in another window.

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