Monday, 18 July 2011

Are you good with Rebol?

Hello rebels,
Facebook relesed its  “Hacker Cup Competition”, but it didn’t include Rebol language. However you may test your skills on Rebol Forum:

Will Rebol be shorter or more efficient than other language?

Nick Antonaccio and Nenad Rakocevic have both been voted in as the 2010 rebol user Of The Year. Congrats to all nominees and of course to the Winners! Nick has done a great job with his tutorials and his merchant Village (  ), Nenad has done a great job with Cheyenne and his Softinnov products ( )

Top ten of nations interested in Rebol is here:

where is yours? (Write it on the Facebook group  wall)

One liner  of the week:

while [ find list item ] [ remove find list item ]

This line removes all occurrences of a given value from a block, a string or any series. Very simple but may save some time for a beginner. Shows how to use remove with find.

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