Monday, 18 July 2011

Lot of videos

Hello rebels,
I just uploaded lesson 4 video in our video section.
If you want to see the videos of ReBorCon conference 2011 just click here:

A software house that mainly produce and work with Rebol software is:
If you you know other software-hose, post them on our wall.
One liner of the week:
view f: layout for n 0 19 1[r:(random 19)+ n // 20 append[across]load rejoin["a"n": check on[a"r"/data: a"r"/data xor on show f]"]]
It’s a game: a line of twenty boxes appear, each with a cross on, the object being to remove all the crosses. Clicking on a box will toggle it and one other off and on. Sometimes the line is easy to clear, and sometimes not.

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