Friday, 19 October 2012

Rebol programmer hiring

I'd like to announce a job opening for a full-time REBOL programmer.

Working in a highly stimulating, team-oriented and professional company, with a relaxed atmosphere allowing flexible scheduling, familly accomodation and is an equal opportunity employer.  We have been using Rebol commercially for several years so we are commited to it. 

Web site:  (outsourced to a marketing company) note that you can put it in english by pressing the "EN" link at the top.

We are situated in MontrĂ©al, Canada.   A vibrant, culturaly driven, cosmopolitan city.

The job mainly requires you to help us implement systems at many different levels from back-end servers, to text processing/analysis, and even end-user GUI apps.  We don't necessarily need someone good at all of this, but our workload currently surpasses our man-power, so your strengths will be maximised and the team will adjust accordingly.

We work in the field of Natural Language Analysis and semantic understanding.  No prior experience in those fields is required mainly because most of what we do generally uses a radically different approach (like using Rebol ;-). 

We are looking for someone who wants a long-term job, who can learn and likes challenges rather than boring repetitive tasks.
If you have MS SqlServer & C# competence, then you are even more valuable to us in order to fill sporadic tasks for our services dept (which works with .net).

useful complementary skills include:
  • technical:  knowledge of  C#, .net,  sqlServer,  Parse,  glass,  liquid,  R3,  cheyenne,  compilation techniques.
  • domain:    linguistics,  parsing in general,  associative architectures,  node graph concepts,  TCP networking/web services.
  • human:     sense of humor, commitment, team work, autonomy, problem solving.

You'll have access to & working on some pretty cutting edge technologies, some which are still not really on the market.
Expect to have a lot to learn (we expect this) whatever your background, experience or skills .  We are NOT your typical clueless programming shop.

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  1. this is a good ad. how do you test your candidates? do you use coding tests, like testdome or codility?