Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rebol 3

If you read in the old posts, you know that probably the open source version of Rebol will be the 3 (the next level).
What is the status of Rebol 3 today?
First of all the only complete version that I found is just for Windows and you can download only from
the complete link is:
There you can find the original source to build your Rebol3/core for your platform (Linux, MacOS, AMIGA, etc.), but R3/core is without graphic and sound. In order to build your R3/core, go to the make folder and launch:


As I said, the only Rebol3 with graphic is the Window version build by Saphirion company, in their zip package there is the graphic version and the DLL requested for windows. In order to use it just unzip the file and launch r3.exe.
Well, I made a little personal test and this is the result:

The source code is:
Rebol []
view layout [
    hpanel [
        vpanel [
            text   "You 'll find in this window all standard VID style sorted alphabetically."
            a: area    
            box red              
            button   "This is a button that doesn't resize automatically (button)"  
            check   "This is a check (check)"
        vpanel [
            code "This is code text (code)"
            drop-down     ["a" "b" "c"]
            field "This is a field (field)"
            info "This is an info field (info), not editable, but it's easy for copy and paste"        
            label "This is the label text (label). Useful for field label"              
            progress 30%
            radio "This is"
            radio   "a radio style"
            radio   "You can check only one per panel"        
            text-list   ["One" "Two" "Three" ]        
            title "This is a title text (title)"
            toggle "Toggle style"
alert "Finished"  

The first line is mandatory to obtain graphic facet definitions.
There are less style than Rebol2, but their are flexible and with autoresize.
If you have more information about Rebol3, post them in the comments!


  1. Jesus Maria the default style needs to be updated by a designer into something.. that would look more like something a professional would use.

    1. We will look into that, when we get time. :-)