Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Contact Carl

There is a script on to contact Carl, you could just send an email to or to, but doing it with rebol is cooler!
Why don't you contact Carl asking for Rebol Open source?
Come on!
This is the code:
    Title: "Feedback"
    Date: 2-Apr-2001
    Version: 1.0.0
    File: %feedback.r
    Author: "Carl Sassenrath"
    Purpose: "Sends feedback to REBOL Technologies."
    library: [
        level: 'intermediate
        platform: none
        type: none
        domain: [email GUI]
        tested-under: none
        support: none
        license: none
        see-also: none
fields: [f-cat f-area f-name f-email f-date f-prod f-vers f-summary f-descrp f-code f-urge]
submit: has [out dt t file] [
    out: copy ""
    foreach f fields [
        repend out [skip form f 2 ": " mold get in get f 'text newline]
    alert either not error? try [send out][
        "Email has been sent to feedback. Thank you."
    ]["Email could not be sent. Check network connection and settings." ]
clear-field: func [f] [clear f/text f/line-list: none f/para/scroll: 0x0]
reset-fields: does [
    clear-field f-summary
    clear-field f-descrp
    clear-field f-code
    f-name/text: user-prefs/name ;system/user/name
    f-email/text: form system/user/email
    f-date/text: form now
    f-vers/text: form system/version
    f-urge/data: head f-urge/data
    f-cat/text: first head f-cat/data
    f-area/text: first head f-area/data
    focus f-summary
lo: layout [
    style tx label 100x24 right
    style fld field 400x24
    across space 4x4
    tx "Categories:" f-cat: choice 196x24 "Bug Report" "Enhancement/Idea" "Comment/Praise" "General Question"
    f-area: choice 196x24 "General" "Core Functions" "View Graphics" "VID" "Application" "Documentation" "Web Site"
    tx "Report From:" f-name: fld 196
    tx "Product:" 74 f-prod: fld 114x24 form system/product
    tx "Email Address:" f-email: fld 196
    tx "Version:" 74 f-vers: fld 114x24 form system/version
    tx "Date/Time:"   f-date: fld 196x24 form now
    tx "Urgency:" 74 f-urge: rotary 114 leaf "Normal" 200.0.0 "Critical" 40.40.180 "Low" 100.100.100 "Reminder"
    tx "Summary:" f-summary: fld return
    tx "Description:" f-descrp: area wrap 400x72 return
    here: at
    tx "Code Example:" f-code: area 400x72 font [name: font-fixed] return
    pad 106
    button "Send" #"^S" [submit]
    pad 90
    button "Clear" [reset-fields show fields]
    button "Close" #"^Q" [unview/only lo]
view center-face lo

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