Wednesday, 31 October 2012

File server

You can share your files over your LAN using the following script.
Put the script in the directory you want to share and start it.
Every PC on the your LAN can browse and read or download files shared on you public ip on the 8080 port using a browser like Firefox or Chrome or IE (with every browser works!).
Using a browser you'll obtain this:
Here the source that I slightly  modified: (and translated comments from Polish)
    Title: "Obscure File Server"
    Purpose: "Share files over HTTP protocol +NLS"
    Author: "pijoter" ;+ Massimiliano Vessi
    Date: 2-Sep-2009/21:04:51+2:00
    File: %fileserver.r
    Log: %fileserver.log
    License: "GNU General Public License (Version II)"
    Library: [
        level: 'intermediate
        platform: 'all
        type: [tool]
        domain: [file-handling web tcp other-net]
        tested-under: [
            view 2.7.6   on [Linux WinXP]
        support: none
        license: 'GPL
    Tabs: 3
    version: 2.0.0
dt: context [
    to-human: func [dt [date!] /date /time /local pad d t s] [
        pad: func [val n] [head insert/dup val: form val #"0" (n - length? val)]
        dt: rejoin [
            (pad dt/year 4) #"-" (pad dt/month 2) #"-" (pad dt/day 2)
            #"/" to-itime any [dt/time 0:00]
        any [
            if date [copy/part dt 10]
            if time [copy/part (skip dt 11) 8]
    to-stamp: func [dt [date!] /date] [
        dt: any [
            if date [self/to-human/date dt]
            self/to-human dt
        remove-each ch dt [found? find "-/:" ch]
    to-gmt: func [date [date!]] [
        any [
            zero? date/zone
            attempt [
                date: date - date/zone
                date/zone: 0:00
log: context [
    FILE: any [attempt [system/script/header/log] %fileserver.log]
    emit: func [info] [
        if block? info [info: reduce info]
        attempt [write/append/lines self/FILE reform [(dt/to-stamp now) (form info)]]
fs: context [
    DENY-DOT: true
    DENY-DIR: [
        ;; directory systems SCM
        %.git/ %.cvs/ %.svn/
    DENY-FILE: reduce [
        ;; file server and logs
        any [attempt [system/script/header/file] %fileserver.r]
        any [attempt [system/script/header/log] log/FILE]
    SORT-METHOD: 'name ;; 'date 'name 'size

    paths: make hash! 256
    deny-file?: func [file [file!] /local rc] [
        rc: any [
            found? find self/DENY-FILE file
            if self/DENY-DOT [self/is-dot? file]
        net-utils/net-log ["fs/deny-file?" file "deny?" (to-logic rc)]
        return rc
    deny-dir?: func [dir [file!] /local rc] [
        rc: any [
            found? find self/DENY-DIR dir
            if self/DENY-DOT [self/is-dot? dir]
        net-utils/net-log ["fs/deny-dir?" (dir) "deny?" (to-logic rc)]
        return rc
    deny-subdir?: :deny-dir?
    to-dir: func [target [string! file!]] [dirize to-file target]
    is-dir?: func [target [string! file!]] [#"/" = last target]
    is-file?: func [target [string! file!]] [not self/is-dir? target]
    is-dot?: func [target [string! file!]] [#"." = first target]
    make-id: func [path [string! file!]] [enbase/base (checksum/method (form path) 'MD5) 16]
    is-id?: func [id [string!]] [equal? 32 (length? id)]
    update-paths: func [dir [string! file!]
        /local hash dir-content bag item info dirs files path] [
        dir: clean-path (self/to-dir dir)
        hash: make hash! 64
        any [
            dir-content: attempt [sort read dir]
            return hash ;;blank map files
        if found? find [date size] self/SORT-METHOD [
            attempt [
                bag: make block! (2 * length? dir-content)
                foreach item dir-content [
                    info: info? dir/:item
                    repend bag [(get in info self/SORT-METHOD) item]
                sort/skip/reverse bag 2
                clear dir-content
                foreach [value item] bag [append dir-content item]
                unset 'bag
        ;; sort files and directories separately
        dirs: remove-each target (copy dir-content) [
            any [
                self/is-file? target
                self/deny-dir? target
        files: remove-each target dir-content [
            any [
                self/is-dir? target
                self/deny-file? target
        foreach item (union dirs files) [
            path: dir/:item
            repend hash [(self/make-id path) path]
            ;; net-utils/net-log ["fs/update-paths" "item" (item) "is-dir?" (is-dir? target)]
        ;; TODO: do not modify the list of global catalog for each overcharge
        self/paths: union/skip self/paths hash 2
        return hash
    local-path: func [id [string! none!]] [select self/paths id]
    mime-map: [
        %.html "text/html"
        %.htm   "text/html"
        %.png   "image/png"
        %.jpg   "image/jpeg"
        %.gif   "image/gif"
        %.txt   "text/plain"
        %.lha   "application/octet-stream"
        %.mp3   "audio/mp3"
        %.rar   "application/x-rar-compressed"
        %.rtf   "application/rtf"   "application/x-zip-compressed"
        %.r     "text/plain"
        %.reb   "text/plain"   "text/plain"
        %.php   "text/plain"   "text/plain"
        %.jsp   "text/plain"
        %.js   "text/plain"
        %.css   "text/plain"
    mime?: func [path [string! file!]] [
        any [
            attempt [select self/mime-map (suffix? to-file path)]
net: context [
    DENY-IP: []
    ;; DENY-IP: []
    ALLOW-IP: [;; trusted hosts ]

    SERVER-PORT: 8080
    BUFFER-SIZE: 1024 * 1024 * 1 ; 1M

    mime: none
    status: none
    response: [
        200 "OK" "Everything is just fine"
        400 "Bad Request" "Malformed request:"
        401 "Unauthorized" "No permission to access:"
        403 "Forbidden" "No permission to access:"
        404 "Not Found" "Resource was not found:"
        410 "Gone" "Resource is no longer available:"
    server-ip: has [ip port interfaces ifc] [
        ip: make block! 5
        append ip []
        attempt [
            port: open tcp://
            interfaces: get-modes port 'interfaces
            foreach ifc interfaces [append ip get in ifc 'addr]
            close port
        if not empty? self/DENY-IP [self/ALLOW-IP: union self/ALLOW-IP ip]
        sort unique ip
    server-url: does [rejoin [http:// (first self/server-ip) ":" (self/SERVER-PORT)]]
    server-dir: does [what-dir]
    server-path: func [path [file!]] [find/tail (form path) (head remove back tail (form self/server-dir))]
    url?: func [port [port!]] [rejoin ["http://" (port/local-ip) ":" (port/local-port)]]
    deny-ip?: func [ip] [
        if any [
                empty? self/DENY-IP
                found? find self/ALLOW-IP ip
            ] [return false]
        to-logic any [
            found? find self/DENY-IP ip
            found? find self/DENY-IP
            found? find self/DENY-IP 'all
    send-header: func [port [port!] mime [string!]
        /with custom-header [string!]
        /error err-num [integer!]
        /local header status] [
        attempt [
            self/status: status: any [(if error [err-num]) 200]
            self/mime: mime
            header: rejoin [
                    "HTTP/1.1 " (status) " " (select self/response status) CRLF
                    "Content-Type: " (mime) "; charset=" (content/encoding) CRLF
                    "Content-Language: " (content/language) CRLF
                    "Expires: " (to-idate now) CRLF
                    "Date: " (to-idate now) CRLF
                    "Connection: close" CRLF
            if with [append header custom-header]
            append header CRLF
            net-utils/net-log ["net/send-header" "size" (length? header) "header" (header)]
            write-io port header (length? header)
    send-page: func [port [port!] buffer [string! binary!]
        /error err-num [integer!]
        /local mime] [
        mime: "text/html"
        all [
            any [
                if error [self/send-header/error port mime err-num]
                self/send-header port mime
            write-io port buffer (length? buffer)
    send-error: func [port [port!] err-num [integer!] message [string! binary!]
        /local err body] [
        err: any [
            attempt [find self/response err-num]
        body: rejoin [""
            <html> LF
            <head> LF
                <title> (second err) </title> LF
                <basefont face="tahoma,arial"/> LF
            </head> LF
                <h2> "SERVER-ERROR" </h2> LF
                <p> (third err) "&nbsp;" (to-string message) <br/> (to-idate now) </p> LF
        self/send-page/error port body err-num
    send-file: func [port [port!] path [string! file!]
        /local dir file mime size disposition fh buffer part bytes] [
        set [dir file] split-path path
        size: size? path
        mime: fs/mime? file
        disposition: rejoin [
            "Content-Disposition: inline; filename=" {"} (form file) {"; size="} (size) {"} CRLF
            "Content-Length: " (size) CRLF
        net-utils/net-log ["net/send-file" (path) "size" (size) "mime" (mime)]
        all [
            self/send-header/with port mime disposition
            attempt [
                fh: open/binary/direct/read path
                buffer: make binary! self/BUFFER-SIZE
                part: 0
                forever [
                    bytes: read-io fh buffer self/BUFFER-SIZE
                    if zero? bytes [break]
                    part: part + 1
                    net-utils/net-log ["net/send-file" (file) "part" (part) "bytes" (bytes)]
                    write-io port buffer bytes
                    clear buffer
                close fh
                unset 'buffer
    get-id: func [port [port!]
        /local buffer space chars resource valid?] [
        buffer: copy port
        space: [some { }]
        chars: complement charset { }
        resource: make string! 40
        valid?: to-logic all [
            parse/all buffer ["GET" space "/" [opt [copy resource some chars]] space "HTTP" to end]
            not empty? resource
        net-utils/net-log ["net/get-id" "id" (resource) "valid?" (valid?) "buffer" (to-string buffer)]
        if valid? [resource]
content: context [
    language: "pl,en"
    encoding: any [
        select [3 "windows-1250" 4 "utf-8"] fourth system/version
    make-index: func [dir [string! file!]
        /local output prev-path prev-dir id path target item f l s] [
        output: make string! 1024
        ;; View "parent-dir" only when we are not in the main directory
        if not equal? dir net/server-dir [
            set [prev-path prev-dir] (split-path dir)
            id: fs/make-id prev-path
            append output rejoin [{<li><a href="} (id) {">..</a> :: (<a href="} (id) {">parent dir</a>)</li>} LF]
        foreach [id path] (fs/update-paths dir) [
            target: second (split-path path)
            item: any [
                attempt [
                    f: info? path
                    ;;File size in human format
                    l: length? (to-string f/size)
                    s: any [
                        if l <   4 [join form f/size "B"]
                        if l <   7 [join form (round/to (f/size / 1024) 0.01) "K"]
                        if l < 10 [join form (round/to (f/size / 1048576) 0.01) "M"]
                        join form (round/to (f/size / 1073741824) 0.01) "G"
                    select [
                        file [{<li><a href="} (id) {">} (target) {</a> :: } (s) {</li>} LF]
                        directory [{<li><a href="} (id) {">} (target) {</a> :: (dir)</li>} LF]
                    ] f/type
                [{<li><a href="} (id) {">} (target) {</a></li>} LF]
            append output (rejoin item)
        path: net/server-path dir
        rejoin [""
            <html> LF
            <head> LF
                <title> "FileServer" </title> LF
                {<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=} (self/encoding) {"/>} LF
                {<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="} (self/language) {"/>} LF
                {<meta name="generator" content="} (system/script/header/title) {"/>} LF
                {<meta name="author" content="} (system/script/header/author) {"/>} LF
                <basefont face="tahoma,arial"/> LF
            </head> LF
            <body> LF
                <h2> {Index :: } (path) </h2> LF
                <ul> LF (trim output) </ul> LF
                <font size="-2"> LF
                {Any inaccuracies in this index may be explained by the fact that it has been prepared with the help of a computer.} <br/> LF
                {Page generated by <a href="">REBOL FileServer</a> :: }
                (form to-idate now) LF
                </font> LF
            </body> LF
            </html> LF
    handle: func [port [port!]
        /local start id resource-id path resource-path dir target bytes err-num stop t] [
        start: now/precise
        ;;retrieve the local path on the basis of ID from the URI
        ;; if ID exists but does not match the file (no entry in fs / paths or the file is missing) to generate a 404 error    
        any [
            if id: net/get-id port [path: any [(fs/local-path id) (net/server-dir)]]
            id: fs/make-id (path: net/server-dir)
        either (id = fs/make-id path) [
            ;; keep copies of the access path to the file and the generated id
            ;; the original may be modified by append file name
            resource-path: path
            resource-id: id
            if dir? path [
                ;; index file for the virtual directories containing
                ;; created a list of content (subdirectories and files)
                path: rejoin [path "index.html"]
                id: fs/make-id path
            set [dir target] (split-path path)
            bytes: any [
                ;; check access restrictions
                if (net/deny-ip? port/host) [net/send-error port 401 (net/url? port)]
                if (fs/deny-subdir? (second split-path dir)) [net/send-error port 410 resource-id]
                if (fs/deny-file? target) [net/send-error port 410 resource-id]
                ;;generate index only when the original path does not include the file name (appended "index.html")
                if all [(fs/is-dir? resource-path) (equal? (form target) "index.html")] [net/send-page port (self/make-index dir)]
                ;; if possible send a file
                if not exists? path [net/send-error port 404 resource-id]
                net/send-file port path
            if zero? bytes [bytes: self/send-error port 404 resource-id]
            ;;if you can not assign the path to the CRC (because there is no entry in fs / file-map or no CRC) Use an empty string. In the absence of CRC checksum will be generated for resource-path variable

            resource-path: {}
            resource-id: any [id (fs/make-id resource-path)]
            err-num: any [if (fs/is-id? resource-id) [404] 400]
            bytes: net/send-error port err-num resource-id
        stop: now/precise
        ;; log position relative to the shared folder
        resource-path: any [
            if all [resource-path (not empty? resource-path)] [net/server-path resource-path]
        log/emit [
            rejoin [{"} resource-path {"}]
            t: to-decimal (difference stop start)
        net-utils/net-log ["content/handle" "bytes" (bytes) "time" t "speed" (round/to (bytes / t) / 1024 0.01) "KB/sec"]

net-watch: false
system/options/quiet: true
my-name: read dns://
my-ip: read join dns:// my-name
either view? [
    ;; rebol/view
    view/new gui: layout [      
        h1   "Server Running"
        text "Your PC name is:"
        text bold   my-name
        text"Your public IP to share is:"
        text bold (rejoin ["http://" my-ip ":8080"])
        ;text to-string net/server-url
        patr: text 200 "Pages transmitted: 0"
        bytr: text 200 "Bytes transmitted: 0.0M"        
        btn "Browse server" [browse net/server-url]
        btn "Show directory" [browse net/server-dir] return
        do [
            insert-event-func [
                if equal? event/type 'close [attempt [(close client) (close server)] quit]
    show gui
    ;; rebol/core
    unprotect 'alert
    alert: func [message] [print message ask "press-enter^/"]
    any [
        foreach ip net/server-ip [print rejoin [{Server URL: } "http://" ip ":" net/SERVER-PORT]]
any [
    server: attempt [open/binary/direct/no-wait rejoin [tcp://: net/SERVER-PORT]]
    do [
        message: rejoin [
            {Looks like a Web Server is already running on your computer (port } net/SERVER-PORT {).}
            {Turn it off first, then try again.}
        alert message
pages: 0
bytes: 0.0
forever [
    wait server
    wait client: first server
    if error? err: try [size: content/handle client] [
        print disarm err
        alert "an unexpected error occurred!"
    if view? [
        pages: pages + 1
        bytes: bytes + size
        patr/text: join "Pages transmitted: " pages
        bytr/text: rejoin ["Bytes transmitted: " round/to (bytes / 1048576) 0.01 "M"]
        show [patr bytr]
    close client

It generates also a file log called fileserver.log. You can use this script also with Rebol/Core (no graphic).

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