Monday, 21 October 2013

Simple tooltip style

The helpful tooltip bubble is very useful to give user hints about button, or other GUI elements, function. Mr. Marco Anotiazzi wrote this style very easy to use: just use the help word in a style, followed by thetooltip string.
Here is an example:

win: layout [
area "another face" help "an area"
panel [across
button "test" help "the first button"
button "test2" help "the second button"
btn "test3" help "the third button" [probe face/feel]
button 120 "test4 without help"

view center-face win

Here is the source code:

    title: "Tooltip style example"
    file: %simple-tooltip-style.r
    author: "Marco Antoniazzi"
    email: [luce80 AT libero DOT it]
    date: 30-04-2011
    version: 0.9.3
    Purpose: {A quick way to add a simple tooltip to VID GUIs}
    comment: {You are strongly encouraged to post an enhanced version of this script}
    History: [
        0.0.1 [03-12-2010 "First version"]
        0.8.0 [08-01-2011 "Enhanced"]
        0.9.0 [16-01-2011 "Enhanced with function by Shadwolf, Boss, DideC, Volker and the tipped flag"]
        0.9.1 [08-02-2011 "Minor bug fixes and source retouches"]
        0.9.2 [19-02-2011 "Minor bug fix of offset/x"]
        0.9.3 [30-04-2011 "Minor source retouches"]
    Category: [util vid view]  
    license: 'BSD
tip: make face [
    color: yello + 30
    font: make font [size: 11]
    para: make para [wrap?: false]
    edge: make edge [size: 1x1 color: gray]
    ticks: 0
    start_tip: func [face] [
        if ticks <> 0 [exit]
        if not text: face/help [exit]
        size: 4x6 + size-text self
        rate: 0:0:0.500
        offset: - size ; hide it
        remove find get in find-window face 'pane self
        append get in find-window face 'pane self
        show find-window face
    open_tip: func [woffset /local wsize] [
        offset: woffset + 0x15
        wsize: get in find-window self 'size
        ; keep inside window
        if offset/y > (wsize/y - size/y) [offset/y: offset/y - size/y - 16]
        offset/x: max min wsize/x - size/x offset/x 0
        show self/parent-face
    close_tip: func [] [
        if size = 100x100 [exit] ; entering here before start_tip
        rate: none
        offset: - size
        ticks: 0
        show self/parent-face
    feel: make feel [
        engage: func [face action event][
            if action = 'time [
                if ticks = 1 [open_tip event/offset]
                if ticks = 6 [close_tip]
                ticks: ticks + 1
    over: func [face over? offset] [either all [over? not flag-face? face tipped] [start_tip face] [deflag-face face tipped close_tip]]
    engage: func [face action event] [if not flag-face? face tipped [flag-face face tipped close_tip]]
flag-face?: func [
    "Checks a flag in a VID face."
    face [object!] 'flag
] [all [in face 'flags face/flags find face/flags flag]] ; patched

; this function is taken from %toolt4vid.r (only a little modified)
Add-tooltip-2-style: func [{ Allow to add the   tooltip support to all widgets passed in parameter}
    style-lst [block! ] "Contains the listing of Vid widgets to patch"
    style-root "Countain the path of the root-styles to patch"
    foreach style style-lst [
        if find style-root style [     ; Teste si le style existe pour la compatibilit√É© avec les versions ant√É©rieures de view
            style-root/:style/feel: make style-root/:style/feel [
                over*: :over
                over: func [face action offset][
                    tip/over face action offset
                    over* face action offset ; call original
                engage*: :engage
                engage: func [face action event][
                    engage* face action event
                    tip/engage face action event
; here is the list of widget affected by the tooltip ability (does it make sense to patch also text?)
vid-styles: [image btn backtile box sensor key base-text vtext text body txt banner vh1 vh2 vh3 vh4
            title h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 tt code button check radio check-line radio-line led
            arrow toggle rotary choice drop-down icon field info area slider scroller progress
            anim btn-enter btn-cancel btn-help logo-bar tog]
Add-tooltip-2-style vid-styles system/view/vid/vid-styles

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