Tuesday, 1 October 2013

ROT-13 obfuscation

The following script perform the well known ROT 13 obfuscation (all letters are changed with the 13rd letter after it in aphabetical order).
ROT 13 encryption has the property that you can use the same algorithm to crypt and encrypt:
>> rot-13 "Rebol"
== "Eroby"
>> rot-13 "Eroby"
== "Rebol"

Here is the source code:
    Title: "Rot-13"
    Date: 21-Oct-1999
    Version: 1.0.1
    File: %rot-13.r
    Author: "Allen Kamp"
    Usage: {To encode >> rot-13 "This is a test" == "Guvf vf n grfg"
              To decode, just use rot-13 again >> rot-13 "Guvf vf n grfg" == "This is a test"
    Purpose: "To Encode and Decode Rot-13 strings"
    Email: allenk@powerup.com.au
    Notes: {
              Rotates Roman alphabet chars by 13 places. Case is preserved.
              Used in Newsgroups to prevent accidental reading of content.
rot-13: func [
    {Converts a string to or from Rot-13}
    data [any-string!]
    /local scrambled rot-chars rot-char
    rot-chars: {anabobcpcdqderefsfgtghuhivijwjkxklylmzmANABOBCPCDQDEREFSFGTGHUHIVIJWJKXKLYLMZM}
    scrambled: copy ""
    foreach char data [
        if none? (rot-char: select/case rot-chars char) [rot-char: char]
        insert tail scrambled :rot-char
    return scrambled

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