Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Simple menu style

Mr. Marco Antoniazzi wrote the following script to show a way to obtain nice menu style in few lines of code:

Here is the source code:

    title: "Menu style example"
    file: %simple-menu-style.r
    author: "Marco Antoniazzi directly derived from Nick Antonaccio"
    email: [luce80 AT libero DOT it]
    date: 30-10-2010
    version: 0.0.1
    Purpose: {A quick way to add a simple menu to VID GUIs}
    comment: {You are strongly encouraged to post an enhanced version of this script}
    Category: [util vid view]
menu-Options: [
    "Open File..." [attempt [a1/text: read request-file/only show a1]]
    "Copy to Clipboard" [do-face b1 1]
    "Paste from Clipboard" [a1/text: read clipboard:// show a1]
    "______________________^/" []
    "About..." [alert "This menu is just a choice button widget :)"]
    "______________________^/" []
    "Halt" [halt]
    "Quit" [quit]
menu-Help: [
    "About..." [alert "This menu is just a choice button widget :)"]
menu-color: 235.240.245
view center-face layout [
    size 440x250
    origin 0x0   space 0x0 backdrop 253.253.253 across
    ;box menu-color 8x20
    style menu-list choice left menu-color 1x20 with [
        para: [indent: 6x0 origin: 0x0 margin: 0x0]
        font: [style: none   shadow: none   colors: [black 5.5.255]]
        colors: reduce [menu-color menu-color - 20]
        edge: none
    ] feel [
        engage: func [face action event][
            if (action = 'down) or (action = 'up) [
                choose/style/window/offset extract face/menu 2 func [face parent][
                    parent/data: find parent/texts face/text
                    do-face parent parent/text: face/text
                ] face face/parent-face (face/offset + (face/size/y * 0x1))
    ][do select face/menu value   face/text: face/texts/1   show face]
    m1: menu-list "Options" 170 with [menu: menu-Options]
    pad (size-text m1) + 10 - m1/size * 1x0
    m2: menu-list "Help" 100 with [menu: menu-Help]
    box menu-color 2000x20
    origin 20x40   space 20x20   below
    a1: area wrap with [colors: [254.254.254 248.248.248]]
    b1: btn "Submit" [write clipboard:// a1/text alert "Copied"]


  1. That is a script that cries out for line-by-line annotation.

  2. I actually wrote most of that script: . I annotated it here for you: