Thursday, 15 November 2012

Transparency with merge

Merge is an effect that you can apply to a facet in order to fuse with the background, so you can use for cool transparency effects.
Merge must be always the first effect applied, look a this example:
Here the source:
trans: stylize [
    r: image with [image: none color: none effect: [merge colorize 180.10.10]]
    g: r with [effect: [merge colorize 10.180.10]]
    b: r with [effect: [merge colorize 10.10.240]]
view/title layout [
    styles trans
    backdrop 240.240.204
    at 20x20 r 20x160
    at 60x20 g 20x150
    at 100x20 b 20x140
    at 20x20 r 160x20
    at 20x60 g 150x20
    at 20x100 b 140x20
] "Fish 'n Strips"

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