Friday, 30 November 2012

HTML calendar

Do you want to create a calendar of the current month in HTML, just use Rebol:

Here the source:
    Title: "HTML calendar"
    Date: 3-Dec-2003
    Author: "Bohdan Lechnowsky"
    File: %html-calendar.r
    Purpose: {
        Creates an HTML file containing the current calendar month and displays it in
        the browser
date: now/date
colwidth: 100
dayrowcol: "806080"
daytextcol: "FFFFFF"
wkendcol: "FFCCCC"
wkdaycol: "FFFFFF"
notthismonthcol: "808080"
outfilename: %month.html
html: copy rejoin [{<HTML><TABLE border=1><TR><TD colspan=7 align=center><FONT size="+2">} pick system/locale/months date/month { } date/year {</FONT></TD></TR><TR>}]
days: head remove back tail insert head copy system/locale/days last system/locale/days
foreach day days [
    append html rejoin [{<TD bgcolor="#} dayrowcol {" align=center width=} colwidth {><FONT face="courier new,courier" color="} daytextcol {" size="+1">} copy/part day 3 {</FONT></TD>}]
append html {</TR><TR>}
sdate: date
sdate/day: 0
loop sdate/weekday // 7 + 1 [append html {<TD bgcolor=gray></TD>}]
while [sdate/day: sdate/day + 1 sdate/month = date/month][
    append html rejoin [
        {<TD bgcolor="#}
        either find [6 7] sdate/weekday [wkendcol][wkdaycol]
        {">} sdate/day {</TD>}
    if sdate/weekday = 6 [append html {</TR><TR>}]
loop 7 - sdate/weekday [append html rejoin [{<TD bgcolor="#} notthismonthcol {"></TD>}]]
append html {</TR></TABLE></HTML>}
write outfilename html
browse outfilename

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