Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A message from Carl

Carl Sassenrath wrote:
made good progress over the holiday, powered by turkey sandwiches from France.

Prep of C source nearly done. See, not just a dump and run. Sure, a few problems came up, but I'm not going to hold up the release for them. You can decide.

Grabbed latest git source and built it for this dev box (which did not support 1.8 version as bin.)

Once released, I've got a number of notes to write up. Like how to quickly port R3. Takes about 5 mins if you know what you're doing. Got it up on ARM & MIPS Linux.

Also, I have some goals in mind. Android and iphone, that kind of thing. Getting graphics and sound back up. GUI and tinyGUI. A micro-R3 for smallish embedded systems.

There's a lot you can help with. Delegation, right?

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