Friday, 6 July 2012

Vertical text in VID

I'm preparing a big post on VID, so I'm discovering many functions new to me. One very interesting is to obtain vertical text. VID is capable to rotate images of 90° at time, so it's just to convert the text in an image. So I created this function:
vert-text: func [
    {Rotate text, default vertically. Usage: view layout [image (vert-text "Hello!")]}
    the-text [string!]   "Your text"
    /local a
    ] [
        a: to-image layout/origin [ text the-text]   0x0
        a: to-image layout/origin [image   (as-pair   a/size/y a/size/x)   a effect   [rotate 270]] 0x0

Look at this example:

view layout [image red (vert-text "Hello world!" )]

I added the color in order to show you the small size of the image, just exactly the text size.
You can change the text style with any VID style.

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