Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I just finished to write my personal Rebol IDE (Integrated development environment).
You can download it from:
It has all rebol function explained!  
If you pass mouse on a button, a tip will show you the meaning of that function.
If click a button, you'll see the usage of that function.
It contains also all rebol colors and all integrated images.
It helps you to keep all variables name!
The Your vars page contains all variables you define, just push the "Update" button. 
It contains all guides!
If  you go to the help menu, you can activate and read guide on Rebol core manual, VID, Events, DRAW, and SHAPE (do you know the shape dialect?).
This tool permit you to test your script (push the GO button).
See the images below and send me you comments!
Next time I want to add syntax highlighting... Stay tuned!

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  1. I just uploaded a new version, I removed a widget accidentally!