Thursday, 26 July 2012

Directory tree

Dir-tree is a script that create a block containing all files and directories founded recursively from a specified location. Not that with rebol location can be also an FTP site.

>> dir-tree %.
== [%example.txt %example2/ [%example3.gif] %example4.jpg ]

You can specify the maximum depth to the recursive search.

>> dir-tree %temp/ 4

There are other scipts with more advanced functions, like:

But this is simple and powerful, here the source:
    Title: "dir-tree"
    Date: 20-Jun-1999
    Version: 1.0.0
    File: %dir-tree.r
    Author: "Stephane Bagnier"
    Tabs: 4
    Usage: {
        "dir-tree %My-Directory" echoes a block containing the whole
        hierarchy of files and directories starting from %My-Directory.
        The depth refinement allows you to set a maximum depth to the
        recursive search: "dir-tree/depth %My-Directory 3". Note you can
        use 'dir-tree on a ftp site: "dir-tree".
    Purpose: {
        Recursively build a rebol and human readable tree
                from a directory or a ftp site. Maximum depth can be set.
    Organization: "D2SET french association"
    Need: 2    
dir-tree: func [
    current-path [file! url!] "directory to explore"
    tree [block!] "useful to avoid stack overflow"
    /depth "recursion depth, 1 for current level, -1 for infinite"
    depth-arg [integer!]
    if all [not inner not block? tree] [tree: copy []]
    depth-arg: either all [depth integer? depth-arg] [depth-arg - 1][-1]
    current-list: read current-path
    if not none? current-list [
        foreach item current-list [
            insert tail tree item
            if all [dir? current-path/:item not-equal? depth-arg 0] [
                sub-tree: copy []
                dir-tree/inner/depth current-path/:item sub-tree depth-arg
                insert/only tail tree sub-tree
    return tree

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