Monday, 7 January 2013

DevCon 2013

Please put in your agenda the weekend of saturday the 26th and sunday the 27th of january. Then we will have the DevCon 2013 in De War 'Place for Pioneers' in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
This year we will combine the Syllable Winter Conference with the DevCon, Conference for the REBOL Programming Language Family, as they have much overlap. Presentations will be done by Nenad Rakocevic and Kaj de Vos.
We are open to other guest speakers and presentations. Entrance is free, but donations are very much appreciated.
Keep an eye on this website: (will be updated soon)
and this Twitter-account:
It is easily reachable by airplane (Schiphol, Amsterdam Airport) and by international trains.
It's an old matches factory marked 'Spullenmannen', which is now being used by artists.
DE WAR is initiative  of PLAN B, at the address KLEINE KOPPEL 40, 3812 PH in Amersfoort,

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