Thursday, 31 January 2013

Community portal

As you know one of the main problem of rebol is documentation, searching on internet people feel like a man in the middle of the desert:
Every site on Rebol is closed and seem totally separated form the others.
Now there is, it's a site based on software; it's free and it has:
  • a forum
  • a wiki
  • an image gallery
  • a blog
I just imported all most important wiki about Rebol (2 and 3) in it, forum is already divided in sub-forum, support links, images, attachments and flash videos. Image gallery already contains Rebol 2 examples, Rebol 3 examples and the original Rebol 3 GUI images form Carl S. The blog at the moment is just a copy of this one, but you can register and send articles.
I ask to all rebol users in the world to start use it, because at the present every developer is inside his little cave, without any communication with the external world. Rebol 3 is open source now, but it's missing all most important features of Rebol 2 (VID, sound, ...). We must organize and decide what to do, all other communication channels are too closed, slow or disorganized.
Come on join the portal, you'll find only friends abroad.

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