Thursday, 28 July 2011

Twitter component for Rebol

Here a page  where is explained the twitter component for Rebol, you can also download it:

Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday, 18 July 2011


Hello rebels,
this week we have a lot of videos about Rebol.

A company videos:

And as usual new Rebol lesson videos on our group:

One liner of the week:

write/lines %hist.r head reverse copy rebol/console/history

It takes the history of input into the console and prints it out, line by line, to a file. This way you can paste in functions and whole scripts, and save them for viewing and editing. Sorts it to display the oldest commands at the top.

Rebol plugin

Hello rebels,
the rebol plugin works on windows with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. You can download from
unzip the files and copy them in browser plugins directory, (for example, C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/plugins/) and restart the browser.
You can try with if works with this page:
How to write a web page for Rebol plugin?
Very easy, just use the embed tag like this:

<embed  type="application/x-rebol-plugin-v1" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="40" BORDER="1" LaunchURL="" ></embed>

Now you can put your application in your web pages!
Remember to use a window dimension enough large to display your application (width and height fields)

Here more examples:

One liner of the week

view center-face layout [image [unview]]

It will appear rebol logo, and if you click on the logo, the window will close.


Hello rebels,
do you want to become an GUI expert? Visit these sites:
You’ll learn how to produce spectacular interfaces with drawings, images, shapes, interactions and much more.
Visit and look at our wall, post your ideas, suggestions, photos, videos or EVENTs!!!

One liner of the week:

copy/part random "abcdefghijklmnop" 6

It’s a random password generator.


Do you know Rambo?

Rambo is the bug database

for Rebol. See:

You can find a marvel guide to Rebol also at:

Or a incredible PDF book at :

One liner of the week:

repeat k system/console/history [print [";" k]]

It prints all console history

Google, game and geek

Hello rebels,
did you know that search also for Rebol? You can select Rebol in main menu and found useful scripts.

A new game is ready to show how powerful is Rebol:

Do you want to see Nick Antonaccio results: all works with Rebol.

One liner of the week:

random/seed pick sig: {B  aRt hcJnetrhuEOkL!eraso} 21 random sig

NOTE: there are 2 spaces after “{B” , it prints: "Just another REBOL hacker!". But... how it works?

Guide, software house and RED

Hello rebels,
there is a Rebol Guide here:

Here are other 2 company that works with Rebol:

Do you know RED? It’s similar to Rebol, but open-source:

One liner of the week:

reformat: does [write clipboard:// remove head remove back tail entab mold load read clipboard://]

Copying rebol codes from a web site, tab indents are lost sometimes. This function will re-indent them correctly then you can simply paste.

Facebook page

Hello rebels,
now there is also a fan page on Rebol:

New linux auto installer packages are ready to download:

Do you want an HTML dialect to biuld html pages? Here it’s ready:

One liner of the week:

view f: layout for n 0 19 1[r:(random 19)+ n // 20 append[across]load rejoin["a"n": check on[a"r"/data: a"r"/data xor on show f]"]]

It’s a game: line of twenty boxes appear, each with a cross on, the object being to remove all the crosses. Clicking on a box will toggle it and one other off and on.

Lot of videos

Hello rebels,
I just uploaded lesson 4 video in our video section.
If you want to see the videos of ReBorCon conference 2011 just click here:

A software house that mainly produce and work with Rebol software is:
If you you know other software-hose, post them on our wall.
One liner of the week:
view f: layout for n 0 19 1[r:(random 19)+ n // 20 append[across]load rejoin["a"n": check on[a"r"/data: a"r"/data xor on show f]"]]
It’s a game: a line of twenty boxes appear, each with a cross on, the object being to remove all the crosses. Clicking on a box will toggle it and one other off and on. Sometimes the line is easy to clear, and sometimes not.

More people, more fun

Hello rebels,
in 2010 our facebook group reached 200 and more members, our goal for 2011 is 300 members! We are big, but we want to be more people interested on Rebol, so suggest your friends our group.
GLASS has been release, just type in rebol console:


I just uploaded the images of Merchant Village software made by Nick Antonaccio, he produced a Rebol commercial software that runs in:

One liner of the week:

Leapyear?: function[Date[date!]][Year][Year: Date/year any[all[0 = remainder Year 4 0 <> remainder Year 100]0 = remainder Year 400]]

'Leapyear? returns 'true for date values that are leapyears. For example:

leapyear? 1/1/2008

Cluster map

Hello rebels,
if you click on:

you’ll see rebol users that visit around the world, what is the ranking of your nation? Post it on group’s wall.
TsunKuo Kuo wants to associate .r files with rebol on MAC OS, may you help him to do it?

New hacker cup questions are posted on forum:

Are you good enough with Rebol? Let’s try.

One liner of the week:

Weekday?: func[Date[date!]][pick system/locale/days Date/weekday]

This function returns the weekday of the date. Try to digit:

Weekday? 25/Dec/2002

Video section

Zotan started a discussion about a new MMORPG that he want to start:

The second task of the hacker cup seems difficult, do you know a solution?

Our group has the video, now every week we’ll upload the fantastic lessons of Nick Antonaccio! Chek it out!

One liner of the week:

Log: func [Value /Clear][if Clear[delete %Log.txt]write/append/lines %Log.txt reform[now/time mold :Value]:Value]

Logs Rebol values to a file named %Log.txt. You can use it to help debug CGI scripts.

Are you good with Rebol?

Hello rebels,
Facebook relesed its  “Hacker Cup Competition”, but it didn’t include Rebol language. However you may test your skills on Rebol Forum:

Will Rebol be shorter or more efficient than other language?

Nick Antonaccio and Nenad Rakocevic have both been voted in as the 2010 rebol user Of The Year. Congrats to all nominees and of course to the Winners! Nick has done a great job with his tutorials and his merchant Village (  ), Nenad has done a great job with Cheyenne and his Softinnov products ( )

Top ten of nations interested in Rebol is here:

where is yours? (Write it on the Facebook group  wall)

One liner  of the week:

while [ find list item ] [ remove find list item ]

This line removes all occurrences of a given value from a block, a string or any series. Very simple but may save some time for a beginner. Shows how to use remove with find.

New Rebol update and IDE!!!

Hello rebels,
you can download the new Rebol 2 versions from:

Now there is a Rebol IDE, you can download from:

it permits to test Rebol scripts easily and permit to learn the language very quickly. Let me know your comments or start a discussion on Facebook/Forum

One liner  of the week:

write/lines %hist.r head reverse copy rebol/console/history

Takes the history of input into the console and prints it out, line by line, to a file. This way you can paste in functions and whole scripts, and save them for viewing and editing. Sorts it to display the oldest commands at the top.

Happy New Year!

The REBOL webserver Cheyenne has reached the 0.9.20 version:
Some cool Cheyenne "Powered by" banners have also been made. Please feel to grab them from: and put them on your Cheyenne powered web site! As Carl did it .

Carl built a R3 release for Amiga (A109) for AmiWest. You can read more news on all the Amiga's webzines, and here is the article on Carl's blog:

There is the Facebook “Rebol Week” page (I take some news from it), if you want to join, this is the link:

One liner of the week:

view center-face layout [image logo.gif [unview]]

It opens a window centered on screen, displays the logo, and closes the window when you click on the logo.

Merry Christmas

Graham released a small VID app to send SMS using Googlevoice in August. Get it while the site is still up:

Do you want to download all most important programs for Rebol, try this script:

Softinnov has released a first version of his LDAP protocol. This protocol was long-awaited in the professional world. Thank a lot to the french company Softinnov (also author of Cheyenne webserver, MySQL and PostgresQL driver).
Try it with your LDAP.

One liner of the week:

view l: layout [image red "bye" font-size 50 rate 9 feel [engage: func[f a e][if a = 'time[f/text: "" f/image: to-image l show f]]]]

It’s a red box with "bye" written on it disappears into the distance.

REBOL Community wake up!

Community is important for a language. The REBOL community is small but must show it's power : small but robust. So Wake Up Reboler!
Help is required for :

  • marketing solutions to promote REBOL
  • R3 implementation of professional database access like Oracle, Sybase,
  • cleaning web sites with dead link : it is important to show good sites, even if there is few sites, than a index with a lot of websites with dead links.
  • professional testimonies
  • worldwide section with local support

Syllable uses Rebol, take a look at:

You can try Rebol without downloading it, just go to:

One liner of the week:

do a: {view layout[field 500 rejoin["REBOL[] do a: {" a "}"]]}

It’s a simple quine: a program that show itself in another window.

Rebol around the world

Hello rebels,
if you take a look at , you’ll see that there are French rebol website:
the Russian rebol site:
the Chinese Rebol site:
Is there a page about Rebol in your language? If yes, send me the link
If not, create it and send me a link! It could be a blog, a simple page, a wiki or whatever you want.
It is sad that Rebol is not explained in your language. Just a page with a simple page with links and two lines about Rebol would be very useful for beginners!
Come on rebels, joins the Rebolution!

One liner of the week:

p: open print p/locals/headers/server close p

Prints the name and version of a websites server.

Logo, Rebol world and demos

Hello rebels,
what do you think of rebol logo? Take a look at this page:

Now finding information about Rebol is simpler than before, because there is the Rebol World page:

You can also shock your colleagues with this simply demo/tutorial:

One liner of the week:

view layout[origin 0 t: h1 red black (to string! now/time) rate 1 feel[engage: [t/text: now/time show t]]]

It’s a digital clock!

Web web web

Hello world,
did you already downloaded the Rebol browser plug-in? You can download from

Do you know that you can use Rebol as CGI script? Read the following page:

If you prefer a supersmall webserver, that it runs natively Rebol scripts, you should see this page: ttp://

One liner of the week:

remove-each tag page: load/markup [tag? tag] write %page.txt page

This script save the web page “”  to a “page.txt”, it converts to a simply TXT page without tags! (You can use it with any web page)

200 users

Hello world,
our Facebook group reached more than 200 users!
I uploaded some funny images about Rebol to celebrate this event. Fell free to add photos or videos!
I Remeber you that Facebook group has the discussion threads like forums and the official forum.

Do you know Power Mezzanine function? They are a collection of useful REBOL scripts and modules. The goal of this project is to increase sharing across the REBOL community, and to reduce the need of reinventing the wheel for each developer. You can found them at:

One liner of the week:

repeat n 100 [if not error? try [close open probe join tcp://localhost: n] [print [n "is open"]]]

It’s a TCP port scanner!

Rebol sites

Hello world,
today I send you some useful links:
One liner of the week:

foreach file load %./  [if not dir? file [write/binary join file read/binary file]]
This script upload all files via FTP

Linux packages

Hello world,
I’m glad to announce the availability of the Rebol installer packages for Linux! Ubuntu, Mandriva, Suse, Slackware, whatever is your preferred distro, now there is a package for you.
You can download from:

Another great about Rebol site with a lot of examples is

One liner of the week:

view layout [u: field "" h: field "http://" btn "Send" [send to-email u/text read to-url h/text alert "Sent"]]

Congratulation Nick

Nick Antonaccio wrote the 1000th script on : great job Nick!

At this moment we have 1004 scripts on , if you want to explore them you can use the “Desktop librarian” script, try it downloading from

Another page of demos is available from

I remember you that the Rebol forum is available from

One liner of the week:

print read


Hello world,

there is the cookbook of Rebol:
it has very interesting recipes...

We are very close to 1000 scripts on, who will put the 1000th script?
One liner of the week

editor clipboard://
(to edit your pc clipboard)


Hello world,
let see this week some Rebol libraries sites:

  • RebGUI: Lightweight and fantastic alternative to VID that was designed and built from the ground-up on top of REBOL/View.
  • RebDB: Small but highly efficient Pseudo-Relational Database.
  • SQLite Driver: Uses the library access features of REBOL/Pro to provide native REBOL access to SQLite databases.
  • iPhone Development Resources: Details the two iPhone development approaches: Web (using Dashcode & Webkit) and Native (using Xcode and the SDK), plus various useful links.

  • DRIVERS: MySQL, PostgresQL, LDAP
  • LIBRARIES: Async Call , NTLM , Captcha, NT Services, Scheduler
  • FRAMEWORKS: UniServe
  • MISC: ReBOX! game
  • PRODUCTS: Cheyenne   a lot of useful functions!

One-liner of the week:


Youtube videos

Hello world,
there are a lot of video on  YouTube about Rebol programming:

Most of them are of Nick Antonaccio

You can see how many people are interested in Rebol, just see.
Herman Tamás serch people to develop mobile phone applications, try to contact him with facebook.

One-liner of the week: 


Dictionary, cheats and lessons...

Hello world,
do you know all the words of Rebol? There is the dictionary of Rebol, very helpful:

There is also the quick reference card (also called cheats-sheet):

Do you want a good tutorial? Go to:
Thank to Nick Antonaccio

One-liner of the week: 

editor none

Best regards

Hi everybody,
here some news from Rebol world:
Do you want to explain Rebol to your friend? Now there is the presentation on slideshare! Look at

Do you need help with Rebol? Ask on the forum:

Do you know It’s the site with a lot of Rebol script, at the moment 988 script; you can download and upload scripts, it’s free! Who will upload the 1000th script?

See you on Rebol group

Facebook weekly mails

Now I'll post all the Facebook "weekly" emails from the old group.

Rebol demos

Some other demos:

3D effects:

Another Rebol software company

Here a company that live on Rebol:
You'll find a their videos!


All with Rebol

All the supermarket uses, as you see, Rebol software.

ZeroMessageQueue (0MQ) messaging library for the REBOL

If you want to know more about this special library, click here:

Rebol users demo

Do you want to see all Rebol users around the world?
Try this script:

GUI with Rebol

Do you want to be a Rebol gui genius? Just read:​ent.html
and then (when you absorbed it), these:​ts.html

New rebol game demo!

New rebol game demo!​ts/pongo.r


Lot of useful function!

Lot of useful function! See this link:

Rebol open source?

Rebol open source?

HTML Dialect: cool!

HTML Dialect: cool!

ReBorCon 2011

ReBorCon 2011 conference: all videos!




A software house Rebol based, amazing!

Google code search

It works for also for searching Rebol code!


If you need special support:

Rebol IDE

A complete Rebol IDE:​t=rebolide.r
it's designed for beginners, to learn Rebol quickly. Let me know you opinions. If you have an idea for color highlighting , start a discussion.


One line: the quine

Updatable version of the quine:
do a: {view layout[x: field 500 rejoin["REBOL[] do a: {" a "}"] button "Update" [do x/text]]}

One line

One line are software made  only of one line of code, her an example from Semseddin Moldibi :
reformat: does [write clipboard:// remove head remove back tail entab mold load read clipboard://]
When I copy rebol codes from a web site, tab indents are lost sometimes. This function will re-indent them correctly then I can simply paste.


Syllable uses Rebol:​le_Desktop_Gets_REBOL_3_Development_Coll​aboration

Rebol world

World Rebol! All Rebol sites in a single page!!!

Rebol in Russia!

Rebol in Russia, see this site:

Rebol guide

Rebol guide free and online:​re.html


Rebol dictionary

Rebol dictionary, with all functions:​l


New logo

What do you think about a new logo like these?

Power Mezzanine functions

here there is the link of mezannine functions:

Some funny potos

Here some funny jokes:


Another very interesting site:

Rebol CMS

A new Rebol CMS:

Linux packages

Ubuntu/Debian, RPM and Slackware packages, available for i386 and amd64 architecture!!! You can download from:

Rebol tutorial

Very interesting site about Rebol:

Stack overflow

Another interesting site for submitting code:

Refactor my code

Who know ?
It support also REBOL!

Rebol presentation

Here the Rebol presentation:

View more presentations from crazyaxe

Dario Giacomelli experience

A email from Italy:
The following text is in italian:
Dario Giacomelli:
Salve a tutti, scrivo in italiano per mancanza di tempo. Ho scoperto REBOL tempo fa, ma solo ora ho scelto di studiarlo a fondo. Sono Ingegnere in Informatica e lavoro in (la grafica del sito e di Eureka sono farina del mio sacco) su di un gestionale aziendale di proprietà della ditta, fatto in Delphi/Firebird, che io stesso assieme al BOSS sviluppo . Quello che serve ad un gestionale monolitico è anche una serie di strumentini veloci da accostare per fare piccoli compiti. Fino ad ora ho provato Python e Ruby, però la mancanza di una GUI facilmente programmabile mi ha sempre molto infastidito. REBOL invece mi pare fantastico. Quello che mi ha allontanato da REBOL è stato il fatto che non è open source, e che ci sono due versioni "incompatibili" a quanto ho capito. Ho pensato "questi sono matti", perchè hanno inventato il linguaggio "definitivo", realmente intelligente, veramente al top, e si sono incastrati in una nuova versione incompatibile con la precedente? se REBOL l'avesse inventato Microsoft o altri, credo che nessuno si sarebbe sognato una sua revisione da R2 a R3, ma avrebbero spinto nel solco di R2, veramente già ottimo. R2 pare già realmete favoloso. Il motivo deve essere semplicemente, che chi sviluppa REBOL, più che interessarsi al venderlo, vuol fare una cosa d'avanguardia, e io penso, che ami molto il suo mestiere. Per questo il timore che non fosse opensource, l'ho abbandonato, e mo sono detto, che è anche bello dare onore al talento. Sinceramente chi ha sviluppato REBOL, ha veramente talento. Molto più del giapponese che avendo già Python ha rifatto da capo Ruby, che è realmente molto simile a Python, nel senso, che gli è parallelo come tipologia di linguaggio. REBOl è molto avanti ma soffre in diffusione perchè la maggioranza, credo, insegua l'opensource il lingaggi di scripting o similari. Devo dire che nonostante ad esempio Delphi sia di proprietà, Delphi essendo realmente valido nonstante sia un vecchio linguaggio (l'object pascal), continua nel tempo. Così sarà di REBOL penso, perchè che sia valido come concetto è ovvio, basta sperimentare un po' sui suoi principi e lo si capisce che l'idea di base è eccellente. E' realmente più avanti di Python o Ruby, e non è orrendo nelle parentesi come i lisp ...
Secondo me, tanto di cappello a Carl, ideatore di REBOL, proprio perchè è realmente geniale...

Here a translation

Hello all, I write in Italian to lack of time. I discovered REBOL time ago, but only now I decided to study it in depth. I'm an Engineer in Computer Science and I work in (I made site and Eureka graphics) on a management software owned by the company, made in Delphi / Firebird, which I together with the BOSS develop. A monolithic management software needs also a series of woodwind instruments from fast approach to small tasks. So far I have tried Python and Ruby, but I've been very annoyed to the lack of a GUI easily programmable. I consider istead REBOL fantastic. What drove me away from REBOL was the fact that it isn't open source, and that there are two versions of "incompatible" as I understand it. I thought "these are crazy" because they invented the language "final", really smart, really at the top, and you are stuck in a new version incompatible with the previous one? REBOL if he had invented Microsoft or others, I think nobody would have dreamed revising R2 to R3, but they pushed in the wake of R2, really good already. R2 seems already realmete fabulous. The reason must be simply that those who develop REBOL, more than interested in selling it, wants to do something avant-garde, and I think that very love his job. This is the fear that it was not open source, I gave it up, and mo am told that it is also good to give honor to the talent. Honestly, who developed REBOL, is really talented. Much of the Japanese who had already Python and he remade it from scratch creating Ruby, which is actually very similar to Python, in the sense, that is as a kind of parallel language. REBOL isn't very spread out because the majority, I believe, chases the opensource scripting lenguage or similar. I must say that despite such as Delphi is owned, Delphi being really good despite is an old language (the object pascal), continues over time. Rebolis is valid as a concept is obvious, just experiment a bit on his principles and you can tell that the idea is excellent. It 'really ahead of Python or Ruby, and it isn't horrible in brackets like lisp ...
For me, hats off to Carl, the creator of REBOL, just because it's really brilliant ...



If anyone is looking for REBOL programmer or need to supplement a REBOL project please contact me​t-us

I would also be interested in others that I might be able to reciprocate with.

Rebol avatar

What do you think? Do you like the image?


Rebol forum

The brand-new FORUM:

go and register! ;-)

All video tutorials

ALL THE TUTORIAL VIDEOS of Nick Antonaccio in one single page:​p?n=Main.RebolVideoGuida

Installing Rebol

Installing Rebol is very easy, but here a link to a video guide to install Rebol by Nick Antonaccio:

Italian guide

I wrote a simple guide to Rebol in italian:​p?n=Main.GuidaARebol

Rebol demo

Here an example:


Hello world

This group starts from the old Facebook group:
First of all I'll add  all the old post, then the old newsletters, and then... who know?