Friday, 10 May 2013

Net scan

The following script is a net scan, for simple usage is faster than nmap! It calls the ping command.

Here is the source:
    File: %netscan.r
    Date: 17-Dec-2006
    Title: "NetScan"
    Version: 1.0
    Author: "Fran├žois Jouen"
    Rights: {Copyright © EPHE 2006}
    Purpose: {How to scan a computer network with Rebol}  
    license: 'BSD
Quit-Requested: does [
    if (confirm/with "Really Quit ?" ["Yes" "No"]) [quit]
;some variables
Local_host_address: system/network/host-address
local_host_name: system/network/host
broacast_address: Local_host_address +
buffer: copy ""
;which version of os

Get_Os: does [
    switch system/version/4 [
        3 [os: "Windows" countos: "n"]
        2 [os: "MacOSX" countos: "c"]
        4 [os: "Linux" countos: "c"]
        5 [os: "BeOS" countos: "c"]
        7 [os: "NetBSD" countos: "c"]
        9 [os: "OpenBSD" countos: "c"]
        10 [os: "SunSolaris" countos: "c"]
;explore the network

Scan_Net: does [
    if error? try [
    stime: now/time
    status/text: "Scanning Network ...." show status
    netw/text: ""
    netw/line-list: none
    show netw
    ; first a ping test to the network broadcast address in order to refresh arp table data
    commande: join "ping " ["-" countos " " 1 " " broacast_address]
    if os = "MacOSX" [wait 0.01]
    ; call external call
    call/output commande buffer
    if os = "MacOSX" [wait 0.01]
    ; now we can use arp protocol to know the active computers
    commande: "arp -a"
    call/output commande %arp.txt
    netw/text: read/string %arp.txt
    etime: now/time
    diff: etime - stime
    status/text: join "Process completed in " diff]
    [status/text: "Error in Network scanning"]
    show [netw status]
ServerWin: layout [
    space 5x5
    at 8x5
    osinfo: info os 100 center info 100 to-string Local_host_address
    btn 100 "Scan Network" [Scan_Net]
    btn 70 "Quit" [Quit-Requested]
    space 0x0
    at 5x50 netw: area 380x150 white white
    sl: slider 16x150 [scroll-para netw sl]
    at 5x205 status: info 395 ""
deflag-face netw tabbed
view/new center-face ServerWin
insert-event-func [
        either all [event/type = 'close event/face = ServerWin][quit-requested][event]

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