Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rebol 3 today

Hi, the release of the source code on GitHub take me a lot of time and I hadn't time to post something.
I am so excited of this event, I see a lot of people participating together, solving bugs, writing docs, all this is a dream come true.
On the other side I notice some people making old errors, that could ruin Rebol3:
  • dividing resource on multiple site (using curecode instead of GitHub)
  • closing the public wiki

My point of view is the following: GitHub is an excellent platform to develop software, we must use it as much as possible, so our energies will be concentrate and effective.
Asking people to register and using another site for bug submitting is a non-sense, it double the requests and make extremely difficult to find if an error is already discussed and double the time to check the requests.
One of the biggest problem of documentation with Rebol 2 was the total absence of a public wiki, documentation lacked on simple topic and was too deep about very specific topic. Github gives the public wiki, where everybody with a GitHub account can contribute, in few days there were a lot of contribution and today it was disappeared.
I hope the the administrators of the rebol source will not repeat the errors of Rebol 2.

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