Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Penguin solitaire game

The following game is very difficult, it's a solitaire card game that you can find here:
It's so difficult that Isuggest you to save the game often...
The rules are the following:

The layout from top to bottom, consists of 3 main areas.
1) At the top are the 4 Foundations. The empty first pile can only be started by placing the "Beak" card in it. Foundations are built in suit and ascending sequence J, Q, K, A, 2 etc
(2) In the middle the tableau, consists of 7 columns. The first card of the first pile is the "Beak".
(3) At the bottom the "Flipper", consists of 7 reserves which can be used as needed.

Your objective is to release the beak and put it in place as the first foundation, and to build all the foundations up into thirteen card ascending suit-sequences. (For example if the beak is a Ten, the foundations are all Tens and the sequences runs J, Q, K, A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). You can, of course, start building on the other three foundations before you get the beak out.

The uncovered end card of each column is available for building on a foundation pile if it continues the sequence, or for packing on the end card in another column in suit and descending sequence, e.g. 8H on 9H etc.
Alternatively, it may be taken and temporarily put to one side in a reserve known as the 'flipper'.

The flipper may contain up to seven cards at any one time. Any card of the flipper may be taken and built on a foundation pile or packed on the end of a column provided that it completes the appropriate sequence.

In the layout, a sequence of properly packed cards may be shifted as a whole to another column provided that the join follows the rule. If a space is made by clearing out a column, it may only be filled with a card which is one rank lower than a foundation (e.g. a Nine if the foundations are Tens), or with a properly sequence headed by such a card.

Shortcut Keys
Spacebar for autocomplete,
"d" Deal,
"r" Repeat Deal,
"n" Deal next game#.
Shift S - for Save,
Shift L for Load.
"<" ">" Undo, Redo. There are also the buttons on the top screen

To load a game, deal select game# and load that game. Only 1 save game for each game# is currently possible. Saving and loading will enhanced in future updates.

Enjoy! Allen Kamp


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