Monday, 7 May 2012

VID extension kit

What is the VID extension kit?
Rebol has VID as a "dialect" to create a window, with text, buttons and much more with few lines of code, example:

view layout [text "Hello REBOL World!"]

Many users improved the style of VID windows, one of the most famus is RebGUI (, you can download Rebgui from here:

VID extension kit is another improvement of VID, you can download it from:

In order to use it the first command is:

>> do
== none

then try this:

>> main: make-window [
h3 "Main Window" return
bar return
label "Enter Name"
field return
>> view main

One of the main features is that all windows are resizable!!! WOW! and:
  • A collection of new styles for VID to make it more complete.
  • Heavy modifications to existing styles to make them more flexible.
  • A small set of rules defined to restrict, but also lift the capability of the user interface to a new level. This helps to:
  • Simplify the creation, validation and data gathering of forms.
  • Provide tabbed keyboard navigation.
  • Provide a consistent skin across the entire UI using a single skin file.
  • Provide full window resizing and face alignment extensions in the dialect.
  • Give a user interface meaning and structure as opposed to being a bunch of faces, you have to address absolutely.
  • A collection of functions for managing faces, such as:
  • Very easy face traversal, moving back and forth, up and down in the face tree. Faces become a bit more aware of their surroundings, although not fully.
  • Face traversal based on criteria, useful for finding a specific face by style, flag or any other method.
  • Individual keyboard navigation per style, through the key-face* accessor.
  • Disabling and enabling faces and panels, also with customizable disable/enable accessors per style.
  • Validating INPUT faces and panels.
  • A few new styles that are data-only, i.e. invisible styles that provide new operations to the dialect at parse time and connect faces. This is generally used for field validation for now.
  • A collection of more sensible requesters that take full advantage of the new window layout, resizing and styles.

The main guide to the VID extension KIT is the following: href="§ion=user&name=vid-extension-kit-user-manual.txt

Then you can find more guides on:

Unfortunately the guides don't cover all topics, so to understand all the features of the best and quick way is to download the following file: href="; go in the tests directory and try all the tests.

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