Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Area with scrollers

Many users ask if using VID the area style has the scroller(s): no. Standard area style has not the scroller(s), but it's possible to add it/them. There are many ways to add scroller(s) to any VID widget, the simpler is to use RebGUI, but there is also this script that add scroller(s) to text areas.
You can download the source from here: http://www.maxvessi.net/rebsite/area-scroll-style.r , thank to Mr.Didier Cadieu (alias DideC).
If you launch it alone, it will appear a demo where you can test all the options:

If you want to use in a script, I suggest you to comment the last part of the script this way:

comment [
view layout [
styles area-style
style toggle toggle 197 [update-all]
across space 5x5 origin 5x5
backcolor rebolor
vh3 "Demo - area-scroll style" return

vtext "Select the facets you want:" return
f-vscroll: toggle true "without vertical scroller" "width vertical scroller"
f-hscroll: toggle true "without horizontal scroller" "width horizontal scroller" return
f-swidth: toggle "default scroller width" "my scroller witdh"
vtext "width:"
f-width: field 50 "10" [
face/text: to-string any [attempt [to-integer face/text] 0]
] return
f-outer: toggle "edge is arround the area only" "edge is arround the scrollers too"
f-read: toggle false "editable" "not editable" return
vtext "Basic facets:" return
f-basic: info 400 return
vtext "Your facets:" return
f-facets: field 400 [update-all] return
vtext "Full VID specification:" return
f-final: info 400x50 return
button "Show the result" [show-result]
do [update-all]

So the demo will not appear, then you can use this way:

do %area-scroll-style.r
view layout [styles area-style area-scroll hscroll vscroll "Example" ]

If you don't want the horizontal scroller, omit hscroll; viceversa if you don't want the vertical scroll, omit vscroll. You can omit both.

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