Friday, 4 November 2011

Anamonitor 2: check block contents

Using Rebol, and using blocks, users could be interested in checking every items in a block, or the items nested in a block or series. Mr. Romano Paolo Tenca wrote a very useful script for this job: anamonitor. Now with anamonitor, you can check every item in a block. If you run anamonitor, it will appear this window:
the standard behavior is to show the system block. You can click on every voice of the list to see what is nested inside and go on and on insede the level of the block.
If you launch it this way:
do/args %ana2.r false

It doesn't appear anything, but you can now use the command monitor, this way:
example: [1 2 3]
monitor example

here the result:
It's a very useful tool to check every item of our scripts. You can download from here:

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