Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Clock and alarm

This is a simple script for a clock and alarm, you can set the alarm just clicking on the clock:
You can use it also in a browser, installing the Rebol plugin (see http://rebol2.blogspot.com/2011/07/rebol-plugin.html )
Here the source:

date: 19-sept-2004
file: %aclock-p.r
Title: "pluginable analog alarm clock"
Author: "Tom Conlin"
Purpose: "aproximate an analog clock and add alarm"
library: [
platform: [ all plugin ]
plugin: [size: 160x160 version: {http://www.rebol.com/plugin/rebolb4.cab#Version=0,5,0,0} ]
tested-under: [windows firefox]
see-also: "request-time.r"
type: [demo tool]
Level: 'intermediate
Domain: [gui sound]
Tested-under: [windows firefox ]
support: ["ask" ]
License: pd
do http://www.rebol.org/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/rebol/download-a-script.r?script-name=request-time.r
ring: load ring-url: http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/~tomc/Buzzer_2.wav
;;; Globals
RADIUS: 80x80 ; a pair for ovals
ALARM: 24:00:00 ; a time not reachable -- so is off
MAIN-CLOCK-FACE: make block! 180
SIN: make block! 61
COS: make block! 61
for i 6 360 6[
insert tail SIN reduce [sine i]
insert tail COS reduce [negate cosine i]
;;; set the "once per resize" elements
draw-face: func[rad [pair!]
/local clock-face ;;; big-hand-end lil-hand-end sec-hand-end tic
;system/script/title: to-string now/date ;;; try to change title each day
clock-face: make block! 180
big: make block! 64
lil: make block! 64
sec: make block! 64
edg: make block! 64
big-hand: RADIUS * .95
lil-hand: RADIUS * .66
tic: RADIUS - 3x3
for i 1 60 1[
insert tail big RADIUS + to pair! reduce[to integer! ((big-hand/1) * SIN/:i) to integer! ((big-hand/2) * COS/:i)]
insert tail lil RADIUS + to pair! reduce[to integer! ((lil-hand/1) * SIN/:i) to integer! ((lil-hand/2) * COS/:i)]
insert tail sec RADIUS + to pair! reduce[to integer! ((tic/1 ) * SIN/:i) to integer! ((tic/2 ) * COS/:i)]
insert tail edg RADIUS + to pair! reduce[to integer! ((radius/1 ) * SIN/:i) to integer! ((radius/2 ) * COS/:i)]
either zero? i // 5
[insert tail clock-face compose[circle (sec/:i) 2 ]]; hour marks
[insert tail clock-face compose[line (sec/:i) (edg/:i)]]; minute marks
main-clock-face: draw-face RADIUS
;;; return a block of DRAW to display the hands
tock: func[t [time! none!] rad [pair!] /local result h m s][
result: compose [pen black fill-pen black]
if not t [t: now/time]
s: either zero? t/3 [60][t/3]
m: either zero? t/2 [60][t/2]
h: add multiply t/1 // 12 5 to integer! divide t/2 12.0
h: either zero? h [60][h]
either equal? rad RADIUS
[insert tail result main-clock-face]
[insert tail result copy draw-face rad]
insert tail result compose[ ; hands
pen red line (RADIUS) (lil/:h)
pen blue line (RADIUS) (big/:m)
pen yellow line (RADIUS) (sec/:s)
;;; user select sounds, images...
request-url: func [u [url!] /local ][
request u
aclock: [
origin 0x0
clk: box silver RADIUS * 2
rate 0:0:01
engage: func [face action event] [
face/effect: reduce ['draw tock none RADIUS show clk]
if action = 'down [ALARM: request-time ALARM]
if action = 'alt-down [ring: load ring-url: request-url ring-url]
if all[ greater? now/time ALARM lesser? now/time add ALARM 0:0:02][
wait 0
bell: open sound://
insert bell ring
wait bell
wait .1
close bell
;alert rejoin ["DING!" " " ALARM]
]; end alarm check
insert-event-func [
switch event/type [
resize [
clk/size: face/pane/1/size
RADIUS: clk/size / 2
main-clock-face: draw-face RADIUS
show clk
view/options layout aclock[resize no-border]

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