Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Paint plus

The following script is an improvement of the paint program seen in the last post.

In order to launch it you can:

paint none [] ; brings up empty canvas
paint load %logo.png [] ; brings up the logo.png as the canvas
paint load %logo.png [[pen 0.0.0 line-width 2 fill-pen none box 147x90 191x117]] ; applies the draw to the logo

Here is the source:

    Title: "Paint "
    Date: 22-May-2001/17:15:51-7:00
    Version: 1.0.0
    File: %paintplus.r
    Author: "Frank Sievertsen"
    Purpose: "The world's smallest paint program."
    Comment: {
        Modified by Graham to load in a Rebol image, and a block containing draw dialected commands.
        Thanks to Anton for suggestion on how to do the free hand draw.
        Supports the arrow command, free hand draw, line width, and text tools.
        Can't yet load in draw dialect with text commands.
        useage: paint image [image! none!] data [block!]
        paint none [] ; brings up empty canvas
        paint load %logo.png [] ; brings up the logo.png as the canvas
        paint load %logo.png [[pen 0.0.0 line-width 2 fill-pen none box 147x90 191x117]] ; applies the draw to the logo
context [
    color: fill-color: start: draw-image: draw-pos: tmp: file-name: fs: fn: fontatt: fontlist: none
    line-width: 2
    type: 'box oldtype: 'box
    undos: [] redos: []
    my-text: copy "Hello there"
    select-text: does [
        view/new/title center-face layout [across
            attribute1cg: check label black "bold"
            attribute2cg: check label black "italic"
            attribute3cg: check label black "underline" return
            attribute1rg: radio of 'fontstyle l: label black "Sans Serif"
            attribute2rg: radio of 'fontstyle label black "Serif"
            attribute3rg: radio of 'fontstyle label black "Fixed"
            text "Size" font [] fontsz: field "20" 40 [if error? try [fs: to-integer face/text] [face/text: 14 show fontsz]] return
            deftextarea: area 400x100 return
            btn "OK" [my-text: copy deftextarea/text unview
                if error? try [fs: to-integer fontsz/text] [fs: 14]
                fontatt: copy []
                fn: copy "Sans Serif"
                if attribute1cg/data [append fontatt [bold]]
                if attribute2cg/data [append fontatt [italic]]
                if attribute3cg/data [append fontatt [underline]]
                fn: copy case [
                    attribute1rg/data ["Sans Serif"]
                    attribute2rg/data ["Serif"]
                    attribute3rg/data ["Fixed"]
                    true ["Sans Serif"]
                append fontlist make face/font compose/deep [style: [(fontatt)] size: (fs) name: (fn)]
            ] pad 300 btn "Cancel" [unview]
        ] "Text Requester"
    draw: func [offset /local tmp bl] [
        bl: copy []
        all [
            either all [oldtype = type type = 'free-hand] [
                oldtype: type
                repend bl [start offset]
            ] [true]
            either all [oldtype = 'arrow type <> 'arrow] [append bl [arrow 0x0] true] [true]
            append bl compose [pen (color/color) line-width (line-width) fill-pen (fill-color/color)]
            either type = 'text [
                append bl compose [font (last fontlist) text (my-text) (offset)]
            ] [true]
            switch/default type [
                arrow [append bl [arrow 1x2 line]]
                free-hand [append bl [line]]
            ] [append bl type]
            append bl start
            either type = 'circle [
                append bl reduce [tmp: offset - start
                    to-integer square-root add tmp/x ** 2 tmp/y ** 2
            ] [append bl offset]
            if type = 'arrow [
                append bl [ arrow 0x0 ]
    redo-draw: does [
        append/only undos draw-pos
        draw-pos: insert draw-pos last redos
        remove back tail redos
        show draw-image
    undo-draw: does [
        append/only redos copy last undos
        draw-pos: clear last undos
        remove back tail undos
        show draw-image
    set 'paint func [
        image-data [image! none!] {load a REBOL image}
        redos-data [block!] {read in draw dialect commands}
        /local ln data
    ] [
        undos: copy []
        redos: copy []
        fontlist: copy []
        type: 'box
        if not empty? redos-data [redos: copy/deep redos-data ]
        if none? image-data [
            image-data: to-image layout [ box 300x300 ]
        view center-face lay: layout compose/deep [
            backdrop effect compose [gradient 1x1 (sky) (water)]
            draw-image: image (image-data) effect [draw []]
            feel [engage: func [face action event] [
                    if all [type start] [
                        if find [over away] action [
                            if type <> 'free-hand [clear draw-pos]
                            append draw-pos draw event/offset
                            if type = 'free-hand [start: event/offset]
                            show face
                        if action = 'up [
                            append/only undos draw-pos
                            draw-pos: tail draw-pos
                            start: none
                            oldtype: type
                    if all [type action = 'down] [start: event/offset ]
            do [if error? try [
                    draw-pos: draw-image/effect/draw
                    while [not empty? redos] [redo-draw]
                ] [alert "Error in image data - discarded" ]
            style text text [
                tmp: first back find face/parent-face/pane face
                tmp/feel/engage tmp 'down none
                tmp/feel/engage tmp 'up none
            label "Tool:" return
            radio [type: 'line] text "Line" font []
            mark: at
            radio [type: 'free-hand] text "Free" font []
            radio true [type: 'box] on text "Box" font []
            radio [type: 'circle] text "Circle" font []
            radio [type: 'arrow] text "Arrow" font []
            radio [type: 'text select-text] text "Text" font []
            button "Undo" [if not empty? undos [
            button "Clear" [
                while [not empty? undos] [undo-draw]
                oldtype: none
            ] return
            button "Redo" [if not empty? redos [
                ]] return
            button "Save" [
                if r: request-file [
                    save/all r/1 undos
            button "Print" [save/png %picture.png to-image draw-image
                write %picture.html {<html>^/<body>^/<IMG SRC="picture.png">^/</body>^/</html>}
                browse %picture.html
            button "Dump" [print "undos" probe undos ]
            at mark
            style color-box box 15x15 [
                oldtype: none
                face/color: either face/color [request-color/color face/color] [request-color]
                ; face/color: request-color
            ] ibevel
            color: color-box 0.0.0 text "Pen"
            fill-color: color-box text "Fill-pen"
            widthfld: field "2" 20 [oldtype: none if error? try [line-width: to-integer face/text] [face/text: line-width: 2 show face]] label "Width"

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