Monday, 8 April 2013

Rebol 3 Bazaar updates

Here a brief summary:
  • added further images, easy to configure and add, see images directory
  • added ladislav Collect unused GOBs
  • Added make prep in make file
  • corrected misspelled word find-all help string
  • 0branch fix ensure that binary series constructed from blocks are distinct
  • added snd_win32.c file for sound support in Windows, thanks to Pekr
  • added logo, now logo is an image of Rebol logo
  • added ladislav corrections on help string of assertion and transcode
  • added ladislav corrections on help string of  first+
  • added ladislav corrections on help string of  BIND and UNBIND 
  • added ladislav Make build platform handling more robust
  • added ladislav Fix clipboard device code so it works identically under non-wide-char platforms
  • added earl Fix PARSE *THRU* integer operation
  • added cyphre *DECOMPRESS/GZIP* fix
  • cyphre fix allows to set event/window or event/gob fields. 
  • ladislav Fix GC crash with gob/parent handling
  • 0branch  Implement BROWSE on Mac OS X
  • 0branch  BROWSE: Return R_UNSET rather than R_NONE
  •  BrianHawley REWORD API Revamp
  • 0branch fix Round decimal division of tuple elements
  • added `make view` rule in makefile
  • improved demo
  • changed file name r3-gui.r3  to r3-gui.r

And this is a video of Rebol 3B Graphic working:

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