Thursday, 26 April 2012

Christmas countdown

Are you seriously addicted to Christmas like my girlfriend?
Here there is the Christmas countdown:

Rebol [Author: ["Izkata" "Massimiliano Vessi"] ]
xdate: "25-Dec-"
append xdate now/year
xdate: to-date xdate
toxmas: to-string (xdate - now/date )
view layout [
    h1 "Time to Christmas:"
    h1   toxmas rate 00:01 feel [
        engage: func [face a e] [
            face/text: to-string (xdate - now/date )
            show face
    h1 "days and"      
    h1 "xx:xx:xx"   rate 00:00:01 feel [
        engage: func [face a e] [
            face/text: to-string (24:00 - now/time )
            show face

I used the standard function engage with [face action event] arguments.

1 comment:

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